Finest Craftsmanship and Quality for Every Legacy

Funeral services are very important both for the living and for those being memorialized. Haven Casket is honoured to help with this process by offering exceptional hardwood birch urns and other commemorative products at affordable prices and with free delivery services in Toronto.


While there are a variety of species of birch tree, the most prized variety is the yellow birch. This strong and heavy wood can range from light yellow brown to reddish, having a visually appealing wavy grain. An urn made from this rare and valuable wood may just be the perfect resting place for someone you love.


Our birch urns come in many different styles. You can choose a simple, upright wooden urn, or one with a lower, unique, hexagonal shape. Birch is a popular choice for both urns and caskets, as it has a very rich and sophisticated colour. You can choose between a golden hue and a rich brown-red with this wood.  It is also quite easy to work with, making it perfect for engraving.  And the affordability of birch means that you can give your loved one a stylish final resting place without spending a fortune.


Many of our wooden urns feature engraved edges and polished finishes to give an even more elegant appearance.   We also offer several ways that you can customize your urn to make sure that it perfectly commemorates your loved one.


When making this important decision, it can help to see the merchandise in person. We provide a wide range of funeral caskets, as well as a wide selection of urns, on display in our Markham, Ontario casket store. You can visit us to see them yourself, or give us a call to receive more information regarding our highly affordable funeral products and services. If you are considering a hardwood birch urn or any of our other products, contact us today.