A collection of the finest high-quality wood and metal burial caskets.
Cherry Hardwood Casket

Funeral Wood Caskets

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A selection of handcrafted wood burial caskets ranging from hardwood to veneer caskets. The design of wood caskets may vary from square-cornered, round-cornered or interchangeable corner shapes. Typically, different selection of woods are available that vary in price. These funeral caskets are hand-crafted and assembled by craftsmen. 

Cameo White Casket

Funeral Metal Caskets

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Metal caskets are made from copper, bronze, stainless steel or steel metal that are often manufactured with a wide selection of corner styles and colours. Copper, bronze and stainless steel caskets on the high-end of the metal casket family. The advantages of these funeral caskets are the numerous corner designs available and the colour selections are endless when compared to wood selections.


No, but the funeral director will never tell you that you can buy a casket from Haven Casket. You can choose to buy the funeral casket from the Funeral Home or you can buy one from us. We offer an affordable alternative when buying a funeral casket. We provide an online selection of our most current casket styles. You can order it online or visit our outlet store in person. In Canada, the Funeral Board of Ontario protects consumer rights in buying caskets, urns and funeral needs from a source other than funeral homes. A funeral home cannot refuse a casket purchased from elsewhere. Most funeral homes only offer cardboard caskets or low grade wood priced at $800-$1600. This restricts your choice and pressures you into buying a casket that is over priced. When you choose Haven Casket for your funeral needs, your saving more than $1000-$5000 on your funeral casket. We have hardwood cherry, walnut and mahogany that are considered high-end wood caskets for sale at $1400. Our most inexpensive hardwood casket is $790. Affordable, wide selection and free delivery.

Funeral Caskets


What is a funeral casket, is it needed and what’s available?

In Toronto, you have the option to buy or rent a casket or build your own as long as it is safe and meets the requirements of the cemetery or crematorium. Funeral caskets can be simple or fancy in appearance which results in the variations in price. Prices may range from hundreds to thousands. They are made of a variety of materials. Either made of wood or metal. Cremation caskets must be made of materials that can combust (burn). Therefore, when making arrangements, there are many important things to consider. Decisions are based on costs and available options. Therefore, keep in mind that a funeral director may not refuse to serve you or charge you extra if you decide to purchase a casket from Haven Casket.


For burial in a grave: What is a vault, is it required?

You have the option of purchasing a vault or an outer container to protect the casket. This enclosed container is placed in the ground along with the casket. It can be made of concrete or fiberglass. Price may range from hundreds to thousands. Generally, the vault is not mandatory unless required by the medical officer of health. The vault is typically for extra protection for the wood casket from ground cave-in and external damages. You can consider metal caskets for that extra protection in place of wood caskets. Most cemeteries in Toronto do not require you to purchase a vault along with the casket.

Consumer Information Guide to Funerals, Burials and Cremation Services 


How much does a casket cost at a funeral home?

Funeral caskets are available in a widely of styles and price. Caskets can be made of wood, fiberboard or metal. An average casket costs more than $2,000. Typically, a Mahogany, bronze or copper casket will sell for as much as $10,000 at your local funeral home in Toronto. While having a very limited selection of caskets below $1000. This is fairly normal.

Our mission and purpose at Haven Casket is to provide you high quality caskets at an affordable price. Wide selection and inexpensive funeral caskets in Toronto. We are a manufacturer of funeral products. We make caskets primarily from two types of materials: wood and metal. With over 20 years of experience in wood construction. All caskets from Haven Casket are manufactured in accordance with the premium standards that meet or exceed caskets typically sold in funeral homes. Our outlet store opened for the public, features caskets below $1000. Visit our showroom today and save on funeral costs.

Haven Casket Toronto Casket Manufacturer


Will the Funeral Home Accept funeral caskets from Haven Casket?

Yes, the Funeral Home you have selected must accept a casket purchased from elsewhere if you decide on not purchasing from them. Know Your Rights! You are under no obligation to buy funeral caskets or urns from the funeral home. The consumer protection law protects states that you can purchase funeral items, such as wood caskets, metal caskets and urns, from a source other than your local funeral home.


The Funeral home cannot refuse to serve you when you buy a funeral casket or related funeral merchandise that are purchased elsewhere. There are no additional fees or increase in any service fee that are itemized on their written price list because they are receiving caskets elsewhere. Lastly, treat you or your family any different than if you had purchased a casket from the funeral home. If you want to know your rights as a consumer in Canada by contacting the Board of Funeral Services (Ontario): 1 (800) 387-4458 or visit their website at Funeral Board of Ontario to get more information on your Funeral Rights in Ontario.

Will the Funeral Home charge me for buying a Haven Casket funeral casket?

No, it is illegal for a funeral home to charge a handling fee if you wish to purchase a casket or bring your own built-casket from someplace other than the funeral home. It is illegal that the funeral home make false claims about the quality of our casket compared to their own casket. Call us today and we can recommend funeral homes that will treat you with respect if you do decide to purchase a casket from us.

What is the Difference Between Haven Casket funeral caskets vs Funeral Home caskets?

All our caskets are made by our factory outlet, we are our own brand not a big brand like Batesville or Victoriaville. All materials used are imported from North America and South Africa. Our funeral caskets quality are the same and some exceeds funeral home caskets. Our showroom displays our merchandise to show you our quality and reliability. The only difference is in price. We do not mark-up any of our funeral caskets. All our products are a wholesale price, direct from our factory. Affordable caskets in wood and metal. Save up to 75% today. Free delivery within Greater Toronto Area.

pieta cherry casket funeral caskets

Often the funeral home directors will tell you:

  • Caskets from elsewhere, the handles will fall apart.
  • Caskets from elsewhere, the bottom is not secure.
  • Caskets from elsewhere, the quality is very poor.


These are just the most common myths, funeral directors will tell you and your family when you decide to seek funeral caskets from elsewhere. Let us assure you, all caskets from Haven Casket are manufactured in accordance with the premium standards that meet or exceed caskets typically sold in funeral homes.


Visit us today, we can perform our necessary procedures to ensure the common myths of what funeral directors tell you are false claims to keep you from saving more than $1000-$5000. Our outlet store has been serving families of Toronto for more than 5 years. Our factory has been in the wood construction industry for more than 20 years. If our experience and quality is not of the best, we would be out of business!

What is the Difference Between Wood Caskets vs Metal Caskets?

walnut wood funeral caskets

Funeral caskets can be made in wood or metal. The most traditionally popular material that is a funeral casket is made of is in wood. Wood caskets are available in solid hardwood. The exterior can be finished with a matte or high-gloss coating. Wood caskets are in many styles and may vary from square-cornered, round-cornered or interchangeable corner shapes. Different selection of wood species are available that results in the variation in pricing for wood funeral caskets. At Haven Casket, each wood casket is hand-crafted and assembled by our craftsmen. As a result, each funeral wood casket will be unique even with the same style. We carry veneer wood caskets to further lower the cost of a wood caskets. A veneer wood casket is made of a thin layer of select wood type (e.g. cherry) constructed onto solid wood to give an outer appearance of that select hardwood casket. Families who are on a budget will still be able to purchase a wood casket that looks exactly like a hardwood casket. With our latest technology, our veneer caskets resemble 98.9% of a hardwood casket while saving you a substantial amount of money if you decide on our veneer funeral casket over a hardwood casket.


blue metal funeral caskets
People often believe that metal caskets are more expensive than wood caskets. However, this is the opposite case; metal caskets are more affordable. Available from copper, bronze, stainless steel or steel metal and manufactured in a wide selection of corner styles and colours. Cost varies within the metal casket family due to thickness of the casket. Metal thickness is available in 20 gauge, 18 gauge and 16 gauge. In Canada, 18 gauge is thicker than 20 gauge and therefore will cost more than the 20 gauge metal casket. Of course leaving copper, bronze and stainless steel caskets on the high-end of pricing in the metal casket family. The advantages of the funeral caskets in metal are the numerous corner designs available and the colour selections are endless when compared with wood selections.


Our outlet store will allow you to see the difference and our friendly staff will guide you through the comparison. When making a decision, we are more than happy if you let us help you.

sympathy casket sprayAt Haven Casket, we understand the financial pressures when arranging a funeral ceremony for your loved one. We offer savings of 75% and more; you can save more than $1000-$5000 on your funeral costs. We are competitive! All our funeral caskets are at lowest price in Toronto. Price match guarantee to all families in Toronto, if you find a better deal then what we offer. Our outlet store allows us to display more than 20 different style caskets for your viewing. We are Toronto’s biggest casket store to feature so many caskets in one showroom. We believe knowing our quality by seeing it yourself, trust that our service and merchandise is 100% reliable or a full refund.

All our caskets are direct from our factory to allow us to offer you the wholesale price on funeral caskets and funeral urns. When you select a funeral casket from us, you are buying directly from our factory outlet. Haven Casket is a manufacturing factory outlet that makes our own funeral caskets. We are not a funeral casket distributor. We make in bulk all our funeral caskets and this allows us to provide you the caskets at a wholesale price. All to allow the lowest price guarantee on the funeral casket or urn.

Casket Showroom TorontoOur Toronto outlet store is available to the public and opens 7 days a week. Wide selection and monthly specials are offered. Caskets on sale are on even more reduced price; more than 80% off compared to funeral home caskets in Toronto. Visit our outlet today to get the best price on your funeral needs from flowers, monuments and engraving services.

We are proud to serve families all over Canada. Our free delivery and same day delivery is available to the Greater Toronto Area. No hidden fees, no overpaying and guaranteed to save your money when you require a funeral casket or funeral urn.

grey granite headstone tallOur services are not just limited to funeral caskets and funeral urns. We provide sympathy flowers from our flower outlet. Fresh flowers for your sincerest farewells. Monuments and engraving services are available with free consultation. Your one-stop to saving on all your funeral needs. If you can get a better price elsewhere, we guarantee price match with an additional 10% off.