Marsellus Mahogany Casket

Mahogany, Solid Wood, Wood Casket
About This Product

Product No.: HW302

Material: Hardwood Mahogany

Finish: High Gloss Dark Mahogany

Interior: White Velvet Fabric

Exterior Dimensions: 28”W/84”L/23”H

Product Weight: 280 pounds

Adjustable Bed & Mattress

Memorial Tube


Our Price $4590

A prestige mahogany hardwood casket in high-gloss dark mahogany finish with swing handles. Casket lid is flat for the delicate handcrafted artwork carved on the surface. Casket comes with pillow and casket overlay.

The Manufacturers of Haven Casket have over 20 years of experience with wood construction. All caskets from Haven Casket are manufactured in accordance with the premium standards that meet or exceed caskets typically sold in funeral homes.

For Immediate Delivery, please call Haven Casket directly at 1-855-604-7555 to have your order processed.