Finest Craftsmanship and Quality for Every Legacy

At Haven Casket, we help families across Canada and around the world access the products necessary to commemorate the life of a loved one who has passed. This includes providing wooden and metal caskets, cremation urns – including beautifully carved and engraved hardwood mahogany urns.


When cremation is used, you face the daunting task of choosing an urn that will faithfully reflect the life and personality of the individual. Mahogany is a richly coloured, traditional looking wood.


Often referred to as “the king of woods”, this sophisticated choice is often used to make high end furnishings and cabinets. Polished to a high sheen, a mahogany urn creates a beautiful place to honour and final resting place for your loved one.


Whether for burial or display at home, you can choose mahogany urns – which are designed for burial as the mahogany wood is a strong wood species that can withstand harsh environments or to a great display merchandise for the home. Haven Casket offers keepsake, which are smaller versions of larger urns, which allows the ashes to be displayed in multiple places, possibly divided among multiple family members. The keepsake can also be a replacement of the larger urn that was used for burial.


We have been manufacturing these products for over a decade, offering families wholesale prices that can reduce funeral costs by thousands of dollars. We offer many services to make this difficult process less stressful for you, such as free shipping, flower delivery, engraving, and others.


If you would like to view our mahogany urns, or caskets, or any other products, you can visit our casket store in Markham, Ontario.