Finest Craftsmanship and Quality for Every Legacy

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Haven Casket has been providing exceptional funeral products throughout the world for over a decade and now we are delivering these services directly to families across Canada. Within our Markham, Ontario store, customers interested in seeing our quality products before placing an order can view over 20 display caskets, our Funeral Metal Urns, as well as many other thoughtfully-made merchandise. Our elegant maple caskets are a popular choice when it comes to celebrating the life of a loved one.


Maple is typically a lighter coloured wood and have a warm rich honey colour. It has a straight, tight grain which is very uniform in appearance, meaning that it can be polished to achieve a lovely glossy sheen.  And having the properties of being quite strong and durable means that it is a great choice for sturdy, well-constructed caskets.


We pride ourselves on helping individuals and families to plan and implement memorial services that are affordable without sacrificing quality. Funeral Wood Caskets are made from the finest materials but our prices are often thousands of dollars lower than those offered by the typical funeral home.  This means you’ll have more money left over to commemorate your loved one in other ways.


Even if you are using a facility that provides all-inclusive services, you can order your hardwood maple casket, or other products from Haven Casket, and the facility must allow you to use this option if you so choose. We do offer free delivery, making it easy and simple to get your selected merchandise to your service on time.


At Haven Casket, we take great care in continually offering superior quality caskets and urns. Our maple caskets feature swing handles, a polished finish, our exclusive locking mechanism, and other details that provide a sophisticated resting place. We also offer engraving services to allow you to further personalize the casket. If you have any questions regarding these caskets, or any other Haven Casket products or services, please do not hesitate to contact our office.