Finest Craftsmanship and Quality for Every Legacy

At Haven Casket, we have been making the funeral preparation process easier and more affordable for customers around the world for over a decade, now offering our services and products throughout Canada. We have opened a store in Markham, Ontario and we offer free delivery. Whether you are interested in hardwood oak caskets, wooden Funeral Urns, or any of our other numerous products, we are happy to make it easier for you to get the funeral casket you prefer for your loved one without the constrict of cost.


The colour of oak can range quite widely from a light reddish hue to rich dark red. Hard and sturdy, this hardwood is not easily damaged, yet it can achieve a glossy finish like no other.


Wooden oak caskets are a very popular choice for traditional funeral services because it is a sturdy material that stands the test of time. But oak can also be quite expensive. We ease the financial strain of final expenses by providing caskets that are thousands of dollars less expensive than what you will typically find when purchasing through a funeral home. With our products, you enjoy the same or greater quality, but without the overinflated cost. Funeral homes are required to accept our casket, if you so choose.


There are also a wide variety of ways in which you may customize the casket so that it best reflects the personality of your loved one. We can give you a selection of different corner panel designs and install it on the casket of your choice to best reflect your final wishes for your loved one.


If you are not sure which style of oak casket is best for your needs, you can always visit our store to view our many displayed Ceremony Funeral Caskets For Rent or urn. One of our specialist will assist you until you find the casket that feels right. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.