Finest Craftsmanship and Quality for Every Legacy

When you think of an urn, you might picture a vase-like container, but there are actually many different styles and types of urns out there to allow you to find the vessel that best represents the person you are commemorating. At Haven Casket, we offer numerous types of urns including beautiful and classic looking hardwood oak urns.


Our wooden urns are among our most popular options for those who want an elegant and sophisticated memorial piece. The colour of oak can range from light reddish shades to much darker and rich reds, and due to its hardness it can also achieve quite an impressive shine.


Oak urns provide a classic, light look and can include carvings of symbols or have very simplistic designs. If you plan to bury the ashes, oak wood urn is a durable burial urn, which is constructed more resistant and resilient than other wood species.


Unless you need an urn at the funeral service, you do not have to rush to choose one. The ashes will be given to you in a temporary container that you can use while you decide which urn is best. You can visit our store to view our selection of urns and have one delivered to your home with no added shipping fees.


Of course, Haven Casket offers much more than burial, display, and keepsake urns. We also offer numerous types of caskets and other high quality items at wholesale prices. Our customers often reduce final expenses by thousands by ordering our products over the inflated prices offered by funeral homes and other similar facilities. Contact us today to learn more.