Headstone Information Guide

There are promises that live on from generation to generation

At Haven Casket, we provide top grade granite that is imported from all over the world to our direct factory for production. When you purchase a headstone, you are buying directly from us, allowing you to get the wholesale price on your monument. Here, we have provided a detailed guide in purchasing your upright headstone from Haven Casket.

Select the Shape and Size of Headstone

Headstones are polished on the front and back surfaces. The top, sides and even cut-in angles can be polished for a defined look. Most widely purchased monument style is the standard serpentine shaped headstone. This style is offered in numerous sizes and is beautiful in any color of granite available. The upper portion is either 6” or 8” thick. Any choice of granite colour will look beautiful in this shape.


The heart and cross shape monument is a polished front and back upright monument. The base can feature polished top, and rock pitched sides or polished throughout. The heart shaped monument can be combined with a cross on its side. A beautiful distinctive monument that communicates both love and faith. You can also pair heart shaped monument with angel on its side. If you would like a price quote for any of the shape of monument but in a different color – call us today at 905-604-7555.

Upright headstones have a wide selection of shapes:

grey serpentine headstone

Serpentine Shaped

Blue Pearl Heart with Angel Headstone

Heart with Angel Shaped

Cross Headstone in Grey granite

Holy Cross Shaped

oriental red double headstone

Custom Traditional Chinese Monument

Select Granite Colour of Headstone

Headstones can be made in any colour granite. Depending on design, dark granite might be a better option for contrast of laser etching. We have a wide selection of colour granite to choose. If you are interested in a particular size or colour that are not listed on our website, just contact us at 905-604-7555. We would be happy to get a quote out for you.

Design Your Headstone

Our carved lettering, will depend upon the color of granite and the shape. On light colored granite, we will apply traditional “V-Sunk” and sometimes “polished edge” styles. The carving is cut deep into the stone and a sanded background panel or a polished edge is formed for visibility of lettering.


Direct sand blasting of lettering into the polished granite can be completed for black granite or any of the dark granite headstones. We obtain a beautiful natural finish showing the granite with lettering as we do not require additional polishing or deep sinking. From an artistic perspective, only one or two types of letter fonts should ever be used on a single memorial.
Sandblasting is a type of carving of letters and artwork used on traditional monuments. It is the most basic engraving method that is commonly used to make graphic elements like praying hands, flowers or a cross. When you have a memorial image or photo with fine graphics then laser etching is a good choice.
Laser engraving is completed by a laser etching machine that is programmed by a computer with the set of instructions where a laser fractures and burns the pores of the granite upward. This achieves the possibility of any design or picture that you would like to have onto your memorial. Another example is making large poems etched in sizes not recommended for sand blasting. Landscapes and family portraits can be etched with perfect detail and will not fade over time. This option is only available for black granite and a service charge will apply.
When you are designing your headstone, feel free to contact us for assistance or recommendations to help express your memories on granite.

Information Required:

Provide us with your information, design template, artwork and font selection. Our monument artist will provide a template of your headstone. The template is personalized to your specifications featuring the design (artwork), lettering & dates. This template is drawn to scale which shows the dimensions of your monument and the shape to be carved. Before production begins, the final proof (template) will require your approval. We won’t proceed until you are fully satisfied with your headstone. To begin with our monument service, please read the following required information.

  1. Your select cemetery (name, address, phone number)
  2. The cemetery plot, section and names to be engraved

The information obtained will only be used when we contact the cemetery to ensure your headstone meets their requirements. When we complete the necessary cemetery paperwork (no extra charge) for permission to deliver the monument.
When approval is obtained from you and the cemetery, production will begin. Production lead time is 8-12 weeks and dependent on availability of the selected granite colour.

Our Price Chart

Our price chart is an approximate cost based on the granite and size you are looking for. We provide a standard pricing based on headstone size and colour. Simply select your choice of granite colour and you will be able to see our price chart. If you require to add additional artwork or specifications, price will change accordingly. Please keep in mind that 8″H base has an additional fee of $100.00. Of course, it is best to contact us to get a specific quote or email us a headstone sample.