Pre-Plan A Haven Casket

Peace of Mind When You Prearrange A Casket
Pre-Plan Funeral Caskets
Peace of Mind, Today & the Future.

Our Pre-Plan Haven Casket arrangement will guarantee you a lock-in of today’s advertised price and rest assured you will not be charged a penny more for the casket when the need arises.

How Our Pre-Plan Works for You.

Select any casket in our online catalog and make a Pre-Plan payment today. This arrangement will never expire. Our Pre-Plan means that the online price you see today is the price you will pay for your casket. Whether your family needs a casket tomorrow or ten years from now, your selected casket will be ready for delivery to your choice of funeral home and you pay the price that you see here today.

Follow our 3 easy steps to secure your casket arrangement:

1. Browse our online catalog and select a casket that you like.
2. Fill out our online form during checkout informing us about your funeral home and the casket you have selected. Please state in comment box: This is Pre-Plan.
3. Print out your copy of the receipt and keep it with you and/or with your funeral home.

In general, most caskets in our catalog are eligible for Pre-Plan arrangement. Sale items are not eligible as these caskets can be purchased for immediate need at the web advertised price for delivery within 30 days.

Pre-Plan Arrangement Benefits.

There are numerous benefits for you and your family by locking down a guaranteed price today and protect your family from inflation.

Once you have selected the casket of your choice, forward a copy of your receipt to your funeral director. Your casket selection will be on file and your family will know your wishes and avoid any financial stress.
Are you changing your funeral service provider? No problem. Haven Casket can delivery your casket anywhere in Ontario.

Most importantly Pre-Plan lets you get the casket you want at the advertised price with no hidden fees.


What are the Delivery Fees?

Pre-Plan arrangement will only cover for the casket that you choose. It does not include delivery service or 3rd party freight services. Free delivery is available for the Greater Toronto Area only. Please call us to get your area delivery quote.

What happens if the casket I select is no longer available?

Our casket selection does change over time. Changes are made to some models while others may be replaced with improved models. Pre-Plan ensures you a casket of equal or better quality for the same price.

What if after I die my family chooses a different, more expensive, casket?

You are guaranteed to pay no more than the advertised retail price as of the date of your receipt for your selected casket. If your family chooses to make changes, the cost difference will have to be covered by your family.

Can I get a refund if I don’t need a casket?

You can cancel your Pre-Plan anytime as long as your casket has not been scheduled for delivery. Once your casket is scheduled for delivery, then your Pre-Plan is non-refundable.

What if Haven Casket is acquired by another company or goes out of business?

Your Pre-Plan arrangement is a contract. Simply keep a copy of your receipt in your records and any company that acquires Haven Casket will honor your contract. In the event that Haven Casket ceases to operate, a refund of the total amount paid to date will be issued out in our company cheque and mailed to you.

Are there limitations in delivery services?

At this time, all orders for Haven Casket caskets are fulfilled out of our warehouse in Markham, Ontario. We deliver to every funeral home in Toronto with guaranteed next day delivery service. For other cities, we ship via 3rd party freight carrier with delivery service ranging from 3 days to 7 days depending on location and weather.