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23 Jul Toronto Haven Casket – Funeral Home Service Outlet

Red & White sympathy flowersA Funeral Home service provides the opportunity for each family to create a truly personalized tribute that best reflects the wishes of the departed and the needs of the living. A traditional funeral service includes a closed or open casket viewing in a funeral home. This ceremony can occur in a chapel or at the graveside and can be both. The cost will range from $3000 to over $10,000. Often the most expensive purchase will be the burial casket if direct cremation is not an option.

How to save on funeral costs and buy an affordable casket?

First get the itemized list of prices and the casket from the funeral home. Check pricing at several funeral homes because shopping around will give you a more understanding of the choices and price difference in your area. Once you have chosen the funeral home that you want, then tell the funeral home that you will be purchasing a casket from us. They cannot charge you for receiving the casket and they must accept our casket. If there are any charges on handling a casket bought elsewhere, you should leave right away. The funeral home is charging you the difference or trying to earn back the money that is lost from you not purchasing their casket. There are many funeral homes that will gladly take our caskets at no cost to you. These are the funeral homes that you should be dealing with.

Shopping around will save you money and let you have control of what you want and not be charged for more. You can save more than $3000 on your funeral cost when you decide to purchase from Haven Casket’s outlet store.

In Canada, the law protects consumer by allowing you to purchase funeral items, such as caskets, from a source other than the funeral home. You choose only those funeral related items, whether good or services that you want or need to pay for only those you select. You can compare costs before making any final choices whether you shop the internet, by telephone or in person.

Your Funeral Rights in Canada

No funeral home should charge you for accepting a casket elsewhere. Nor treat you any differently and refuse to provide their services to you and your family. Help find a balance between the emotional, spiritual and financial needs for you in this time of grief. For more information, please contact Board of Funeral Services (Ontario): 1-800-387-4458 or visit their website at You may contact us to get more information at 905 604-7555 or e-mail us at

Why are Haven Casket prices so low?

Toronto Casket ShowroomThe fundamental reason for our low pricing on caskets is because you are buying directly from our factory. Our wood caskets are directly made in bulk each time in our factory. Materials are imported from different parts of the world depending on species of wood. We work directly with our suppliers to ensure maximizing production equipment and using raw materials efficiently. Reviewing for technical innovations for best possible production process. To help keep prices even lower, Haven Casket transports products in bulk; all to ensure cost-efficiency. We then offer all of our caskets and urns to our customers at wholesale prices. These are the same quality caskets that you would buy from other sources, but even more reduced rates. We are confident our wood caskets and metal caskets are of same or better quality than those found in your select funeral home. We do not earn much profit on caskets, our goal is to help you save thousands on your funeral expenses.