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Having an urns ornament made is a great way to customize your urn.  Haven casket offers a variety of gold or silver plates that we can engrave details of your loved one on to help honour their memory.  For the urns engravings we recommend you write the name of the loved one, their date of birth and death, followed by a short message.

Why is Engravings for Urns Good to Have?

Similar to the markings on a tombstone, an urn ornament will serve as a record preserving the identity of the deceased and contributing to their remembrance.  Having a funeral engraving done will also add a personal touch to the urn.


If you would like an urn engraving, we offer a variety of different options.  The first choice you must make is whether you prefer silver plating or gold plating.  Depending on the type and colour of the urn, one or the other is probably going to look better.  In the end it comes down to personal preference, but we can make a recommendation based on our experience if you would like.


The next customization option is shape.  Currently Haven Casket has 3 different shapes of urns ornaments.  The first two are our classic rectangular options with slight variations.  We also offer a heart shaped ornament option as well.


For all of our ornaments you will have the option of adding a small graphic.  For the classic shape, this graphic will go to the left of the text.  On the heart shaped ornament it is placed just below the text.  Options for graphics include the cross, hearts, peace dove, treble clef, butterfly, or dolphin.  The most popular options are the hearts or cross, but we encourage you to choose the graphic you feel represents your loved one the best.  If the urn is for a deceased pet, we also offer a paw print graphic option.


The last decision you need to make is the font used for the text.  Currently there are six different font options.  This one just comes down to personal preference as well.


The end result is a fully customized funeral ornament giving your urn a sophisticated and personal feel.  If you would like to utilize our plate engraving service, we ask you to keep in mind it normally takes two to three business days for completion.


Installation of the plate is very simple and is something you can easily do yourself.  Because of this, our plate engravings are also a good option for those who already own an urn, but now would like to customize it.  The back of the plate is fixed with a double-sided adhesive.  You simply peel off the adhesive cover, and then can apply your plate to the side of the urn.  This is a very strong adhesive and can be effectively applied to a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, stone, or even plastic.


Adding a funeral engraving is very nice special touch to the urn, and the inclusion of the short personal message is a great way to honour your loved one for everything that was great about their life.  This is why Haven Casket always suggests that our customers order one of our custom engravings in addition to their purchase of an urn.