Victoriaville Caskets: A Great Choice For The Environment

04 May Victoriaville Caskets: A Great Choice For The Environment

In this day an age with stories of resource depletion all over the news, a lot of individuals are changing their behaviours and choices to reflect a more environmentally conscious attitude.  Victoriaville Caskets recognizes that some people what to be environmentally responsible in death as well as in life.

Are You Looking To Make a Switch?

Victoriaville CasketsIf you are among those who are making the switch, or considering “going green”, you might appreciate the following facts related to burial trends in recent years.

Every year the average cemetery buries approximately:

  • 1000 gallons of embalming fluid
  • 97.5 tons of steel
  • 2028 tons of concrete
  • 56,250 board feet of high quality timber

These statistics can be startling, but there are choices available that do have less of an ecological impact.

Buying a Victoriaville casket is one of the most environmentally responsible decisions you can make when it comes to casket choices.  Their range of green funeral products were designed with the large amount of respect they have for nature, and with sustainability of our natural resources as one of their top priorities.

Why choose a Victoriaville Casket?

  • All of the wood used in each of their caskets is sourced from companies that are managing their forests responsibly.  95% of the wood used is obtained from suppliers that agreed to a reforestation program, planting new trees to replace the ones they cut down.
  • There is no wasted wood from the process.  All of the scraps left over after building the caskets is given to other companies that use it to make wood byproducts.  What the other companies don’t want, Victoriaville uses as a source of clean energy.
  • All of the materials used in each casket are certified as Environmentally Preferable Products by the Composite Panel Association (CPA)
  • Victoriaville Group has set up a program designed to recover and secure any residual materials or byproducts from their business and all of their employees are committed to this program.

As a whole, the Victoriaville Group is dedicated to improving their environmental practices, and reducing their ecological footprint.  If you purchase one of these, you can be assured that it was produced with a commitment to the environment in mind.

Where can I get a Victoriaville casket?

Haven Casket offers a wide range of wooden caskets available for purchase in our online store.  Among these include several Victoriaville caskets.  We understand how important it is to preserve the environment, which is why we always advise our customers who are concerned with their ecological footprint to choose Victoriaville.  If you choose any of their caskets, you can be assured that you are making an ecologically sound decision.

Those that are worried that making an environmentally responsible purchase might be more expensive than other options can rest assured that it won’t cost a fortune. Haven Casket provides all of our Victoriaville caskets at wholesale prices, saving you loads of money versus buying from other sources.  We hope this fact will encourage you to choose us for your next casket purchase.

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