Why is Ordering Northern Caskets Online is a Smart Idea?

04 May Why is Ordering Northern Caskets Online is a Smart Idea?

Many people are choosing Northern caskets, as they are well known for their environmental benefits.  When it comes to caskets, a Northern Enviro-Casket is truly the all green alternative to traditional caskets.  For one, they have completely eliminated all metal, replacing handles and hinges with wooden versions.  Another benefit is the lack of petrochemicals.  Whereas most wooden caskets use varnishes or lacquers to enhance the appearance, the Northern Enviro-Casket boasts an all-natural finish.

Why Is It Better To Purchase Online?

When looking into Northern’s practices, it is easy to see that their commitment to the environment is tremendous.  For those individuals that are environmentally conscious, buying a Northern casket is one of the best decisions you can make.  What many people don’t realize is that you can actually buy these caskets online as well.

Why order a Northern casket online?

Northern CasketsWhen the unfortunate happens and you find yourself planning a funeral, often the first place people turn to is a funeral home.  When talking to a funeral director, they will be certain to show you the quality caskets, such as Northern Caskets, which they have for sale and encourage you to buy one from them.  Curiously, they often never mention what other options are available to you, such as buying a casket online.

There is good reason for this.  Casket sales are where funeral homes make a large percentage of their money, and in turn they come with very high price tags.  We are glad to inform you that it doesn’t have to be this way.  In order to get a quality casket, you don’t have to pay the huge markups at funeral homes.

Haven Casket is an online casket wholesaler offering all of our caskets at a fraction of the costs you’ll see at other sources. If you re looking to purchase a Northern casket, Haven Casket is the best place online to do so.  Based on Canadian funeral law, all funeral homes must accept our caskets.

By buying a casket online, you can quite possibly save thousands of dollars.  Funeral homes often markup the prices of their caskets by 75% or more, sometimes even double or triple the baseline cost.  By buying your casket online through Haven Casket you are paying prices similar to what the funeral home is actually paying before the markup.  Because we have lower overhead costs, Haven Caskets can offer our caskets at what appear to be extremely discounted rates compared to what you see elsewhere.  These are the prices you should be paying for a casket.

If you are a sensible consumer, you know it is always best to shop around to find the best deal on a product before you buy it.  In this case, buying online through Haven Casket is your best option.  This is huge money saving opportunity.  When it comes down to cost, it simply wouldn’t make sense to buy your casket anywhere else but from an online or wholesale distributor.

Check out our collection of Northern caskets and other affordable caskets today and see why so many customers are choosing Haven Casket for their casket purchase.

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