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How To Order A Casket?

To see how to order your selected metal casket, please refer to our SALE page and read over our detailed guideline on How to order a casket.

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Our selection of funeral metal caskets are available in 18 Gauge metal, 20 Gauge metal and Stainless 18 Gauge metal caskets. We have white metal caskets, black metal caskets, blue metal caskets, dark blue metal caskets, gold metal caskets, bronze metal caskets and pink metal caskets. Most popular choice of simplicity and elegance are silver metal caskets. For sorting by colour choice, please click on the colour navigation below or sort by metal gauges.

Why Consider Funeral Metal Caskets?

There are a wide variety of funeral metal caskets available for sale and choosing the right one can often be a difficult and emotional affair.  For those trying to decide what is right for them or their loved one, here are some things to consider about metal caskets:


Material of the casket


Most funeral metal caskets are made of steel as this is a very strong and long lasting metal, however, there are different variations that you need to be aware of.  Haven Casket offers a wide range of steel caskets depending on your preferences. You can select an 18 gauge, 20 gauge, or stainless steel casket.  Both 18 and 20 gauge are affordable caskets offering a large amount of protection against air and water.  Our stainless steel caskets are the most high-end metal casket we offer and can provide the longest duration and greatest level of protection.


All of our funeral metal caskets come in a mix of different colours and styles so you can be sure to find one that suits your loved one when planning a funeral.  Funeral metal caskets are a very attractive option sure to add a refinement and level of elegance on such a somber occasion.


Price of the casket


Bronze funeral metal caskets mc104In the past many funeral metal caskets were extremely expensive when compared to wooden options, however, advances in industry and technology have now provided the ability to produce them at roughly the same cost as wooden caskets.  Now when choosing a casket, the number one concern for most people comes down to preference instead of price.


Although at Haven Casket all of our caskets would be considered inexpensive caskets as we offer them to you at wholesale prices, there is still a varying range of prices. Of course, you can be sure to find one that you are happy with while still remaining in your budget.


In general, 18 gauge metal caskets are cheaper than 20 gauge, and stainless steel is the most luxury type of metal casket we have.  However, this rule is not set in stone.  The best way to find the right casket is simply to browse through our collection, as there are likely many caskets that fall within your price range.  Ultimately, making the choice is going to come down to your own personal requirements and preferences.


Keep in mind 18 gauge is thicker in metal than a 20 gauge metal casket. This is a reason for the price difference between the two.


Why choose Haven Casket for your funeral needs?


funeral metal caskets mc116Our online casket selection is made up of some of the best caskets, but we offer them at discount prices.  When we mention them as discount caskets, it doesn’t mean they are in any way lacking in quality.  These are the same caskets that you would buy elsewhere for much higher prices, but we choose to offer them to you at wholesale rates.  We understand that funerals can be an expensive affair and our goal is always to provide you the best quality metal caskets without costing you a fortune. Our direct funeral outlet store located in Toronto, displays the largest selection of metal caskets in Ontario. Featuring more than 10 metal caskets in our showroom. We know that seeing the actual casket allows you to decide rather than just a corner piece of the casket. Visit our casket showroom outlet store today.

In the past, wood used to be the go to material for caskets, however metal is now becoming more and more popular.  The number one reason that people choose metal over wood is the protection it provides for the remains of a loved one.  Investing in a metal casket can offer defense against the elements not possible with a traditional wooden casket, and give you the reassurance that the casket will last a very long time.


Transportation of Remains in Canada

Often funeral metal caskets are a cost effective option for families that require to transport their loved one to another city or country. All our funeral metal caskets has a gasket, an interior seal that runs along the casket lid and casket base. This seal runs between the middle of the lid as well. A metal key is then used to adjust this seal and close both lids of the metal casket. This allows the casket to be closed air tight. When a wooden casket is chosen, an outer container will be required to place the casket inside. Wood caskets does not provide this option and the container acts as the protection to seal off the remains within the casket from the external environment. Therefore, when transporting a deceased from one city to another, funeral metal caskets would allow you to cut down the cost of that extra container. For more information, please refer to Death Aboard (Government of Canada) or Transporting Deceased in Canada (Google Results).