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Haven Casket is an established leader in manufacturing and supplying wood and metal burial caskets as well as cremation urns. Originally a wholesale online website that have been committed to bringing exceptional funeral products to America, Europe, Africa and Asia; recently we have the pleasure of expanding to Canada.

Our casket store is located in the City of Markham, Ontario, featuring over 20 full sized burial caskets for viewing. We know that the most important thing is to see the actual casket before buying to allow you peace of mind. At our casket showroom, you will be able to see the actual casket before you decide to purchase it. We try to have as many selections of wood & metal caskets out for display. Our entire cremation urn collection is displayed in the store for viewing.

Top Level Craftsmanship and Quality Standards

We bring the finest selection of high-end caskets and cremation urns at the best value, which makes us, stand out from our competitors. Every casket is delicately handcrafted and transformed into a unique work of art, making your selection truly personal. Both the interior and exterior is beautifully designed and made with expert precision. All at an affordable price compared to what is offered to you at your local funeral home.

Our wood caskets come in solid prestige hardwood to elegant hardwood veneer; conveying warmth and elegance. Our collection also includes Orthodox caskets. Majority of our wood caskets comes in swing handles to allow easy transport and a classic finish. All wood caskets comes with exclusive lock mechanism.

A vast selection of metal caskets comes in intricate designs, a beautiful array of colours, and can withstand the tests of time. Stainless steel casket are one of our special products. Majority of our metal caskets comes in swing handles with some that are completed with fixed handles. All metal caskets comes with a memorial tube that you can insert a message or something personal. Exclusive to the metal casket family, a rubber seal is included for closure of casket to prevent external factors.

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Wood, Metal or Marble Cremation Urns

Our ever-changing collection of cremation urns are made to meet all types of meaningful memorial choices that are as unique as you. Wood urns reflect the serenity of nature and metal urns have a rich, satin, glow finishes to reflect individual tastes and personalities. Metal urns with beautiful colours to choose from. Mable urns of the highest quality for a memorable tribute. Each merchandise goes through a quality control system to ensure the final merchandise results in 100% customer satisfaction.

Compassion, Commitment and Precision

With over 10 years of experience, our expertise and attention to detail promise to provide you with the finest caskets and meet your evolving needs. The reliability and quality in our products will ensure a beautiful, lasting resting place.

We strive to bring you the finest funeral merchandise at an affordable price.

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