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Welcome to Haven Casket & Monument

Canada Funeral Caskets and Cremation Caskets, Cremation Urns & Monuments Outlet Store. Save more than 50% – 75% on Wood Caskets, Metal Caskets or Urns and Monuments. You never overpay and there are no hidden cost. Free Delivery for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Ottawa with option of Same Day delivery available.


What the Funeral Director or your local Funeral Home in Toronto/Ottawa does not tell you. The Law Protects Your Rights! You are under no obligation to buy caskets or urns from the funeral home. In Canada, the consumer protection law protects you. You are allowed to purchase funeral items, such as wood caskets, metal caskets and urns, from a source other than your local funeral home.


Funeral home cannot:
1. Refuse to serve you when you buy a funeral casket or related funeral merchandise that are purchased elsewhere.
2. Charge additional fees or increase any service fee that are itemized on their written price list because they are receiving caskets elsewhere.
3. Treat you or your family any different than if you had purchased a casket from the funeral home.


Know your rights as a consumer in Canada by contacting the Board of Funeral Services (Ontario): 1 (800) 387-4458 or visit their website at Funeral Board of Ontario to get more information on your Funeral Rights in Ontario.


In the Consumer Information Guide to Funerals, Burials and Cremation Services, states that you may purchase certain supplies, such as caskets, monuments, markers and flowers from persons who are not licensed under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act. These licensed services refers to cemetery services, crematorium services, funeral services and transfer services.


For burial in a grave: you may purchase a vault or outer liner to protect the casket. This container is placed in the ground and is usually made of concrete or fiberglass. Generally, it is not mandatory to use a vault or outer liner unless required by the medical officer of health.


For cremation, the deceased person is placed in a casket or container and fire is used to reduce the body to an ash or granular substance. The cremated remains are then placed in a small box or urn along with a metal identification tag. You may provide your own urn or purchase one from a Provider

Our Story

Haven Casket & Monument is a proudly Canadian company working to provide for your funeral needs. We understand that funerals can be expensive, and when you are making arrangements the last thing you want to be worrying about is money.  That is why we offer all of our caskets, urns and monuments to our customers at wholesale prices. Our outlet store guarantees the lowest price on funeral caskets, urns and monuments.  These are the same quality caskets that you would buy from other sources, but at greatly reduced rates.  We have seen comparable products selling at other sources for as much as three times the prices we offer here at Haven Casket & Monument. We offer free delivery for the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa. Canada wide shipping is available for outside of Ontario and other locations. For orders to the United States, please contact us at 905 604-7555.


Check out our online selection today and see what we have available.  Our wide variety of funeral caskets come in a diverse array of styles, colours, and materials, so you can be certain we have one that will meet your needs.


If you are in need of a simple cremation caskets, we can help as well.  Most crematories require that the body is enclosed in some sort of container for the protection and safety of the operator.  We have a wide selection of basic wooden caskets that are perfect for use for cremation.


We also have rental funeral caskets available that you may rent for the viewing.  These afford you the option to have an actual casket for the viewing without having to outright purchase one.  If the deceased individual is being cremated, renting a casket is an affordable solution that allows for a dignified viewing or visitation.


Sometimes funerals are unexpected, and when making arrangements, time is can be of the essence.  Haven Casket recognizes the urgency involved in planning a funeral, and to compensate, we offer free same day delivery across the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa.  When you choose us for your funeral solutions, you will never have to worry whether the funeral casket is going to arrive in time for the viewing or not. Visit our outlet store for a wide selection of wood caskets, cremation caskets, metal caskets and urns.

With Haven Monument, there are limitless benefits of buying a monument. When you decide on your monument, we give you a quoted price that includes our promised services. You can design your memorial and interact with us at your own convenience and pace. A quoted price with no hidden cost that is 50-75% less than what you would be given by your local cemeteries.



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Premium Angel, Cross & Flower Memorials


Premium Bronze & Scenic Bronze Memorials


Premium Bronze Niche & Mausoleum Plaques


Black Granite Memorials


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India Red Granite Memorials

Why Choose Haven Casket & Monument?

When selecting a casket, funeral homes may apply a lot of pressure to get you to purchase a casket through them.  We don’t blame them, as there is a lot of potential profit at stake.  Casket sales are a big money maker for many funeral homes.  What they don’t tell you is that the prices they quote you are often at a huge markup. In result, when you see our price on caskets and urns; it is at an affordable and low price.


Haven Casket offers you the ability to cut out the middleman.  This means big savings for you, and extra money that you can use to honour your loved one’s memory in other ways.  By purchasing through our outlet store you are saving anywhere between $3000 to $5000 dollars on funeral costs. This applies to the casket, cremation urn and the monument.


Under Ontario funeral law, all funeral homes must accept our caskets so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Contact us today and we can give you more information, plus answer any questions you might have.


Here at Haven Casket, customer satisfaction is our number one concern. This is why we always make it our top priority to meet and exceed your expectations whenever you do business with us.  To back this up, Haven Casket offers all of our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, we will be happy to replace or even give you a full refund.


Check out our selection of online caskets and urns today, and remember, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us! Get a quote today for your monument.

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