Haven Casket Oversized Caskets

We provide oversized caskets in metal made of 18-Gauge for the need of larger-sized caskets. Our unique design of the oversized caskets are to maintain the standard exterior dimensions of the standard burial caskets but with the interior dimensions of 27″ wide. The standard burial caskets have an interior dimension of 23″ to 24.5″ wide and an exterior of 28″ wide. Our oversized caskets maintain the same exterior dimensions of a standard burial casket to cut down cost on the burial process and transportation overseas. All of our oversized metal caskets will fit in standard-sized burial vaults. Available in select colors, finishes and designs offered in our standard sized caskets, your loved one will have a memorable casket with the spacious interior. Please note that the length and height of the casket is the same for standard and oversized models.