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Simpler ceremonies and cremations allows families the option to opt for lower-priced alternatives. Traditional and full-service funerals are costly and by choosing cremation, families can save more than 60% of what is required for a full-service ceremony. At the same time, cremation still allows the family to hold a ceremony before the cremation process.

Our collection of cremation caskets are available for a simple ceremony and afterwards it can be cremated. All our cremation casket that will be cremated does not have any metal parts or minimal metal parts. The cremation casket is all wood, cloth-covered wood, or an alternative material. Please keep in mind that some cremation caskets that have adjustable bedding system will have the standard metal bed frame. This feature can be excluded or removed upon purchase if it is not desired.

Our selection of cremation caskets are available in pine and poplar only. These two wood species are the simplest and inexpensive of the wood caskets family. All cremation caskets from Haven Casket are made from 100% solid wood in pine or poplar.

We have a wide selection of cremation urns to choose from to honor and hold your loved one’s ashes. Wood urns, metal urns or marble urns are available. Inquiry about our Cremation Pre-Plan today to lock-in today’s advertised price and rest assured you will not be charged a penny more for a cremation casket and urn when the need arises.

What is Cremation & Direct Cremation?

Cremation caskets

A container is made from cardboard or wood. Crematories in Toronto will require that an enclosed container be used to hold the body. As long as the enclosed container is strong enough for the health and safety of the operator. Metal caskets are not recommended for cremation as a combustible material is favored when cremation takes place. Most crematories will accept small amount of metal parts on the container. These materials will be removed before the cremation process. Once the body is properly placed in the container and covered, the crematory will cremate the body along with the container. A direct cremation occurs. This is why, the container must be selected before cremation takes place.


Cremation Caskets Canada

The ideal container for cremation is made of wood. This gives you the choices of wood species that can allow the casket to vary in appearance. Cremation caskets available in cherry red, reddish brown to dark brown wood. The most common wood species is pine and poplar as these are inexpensive wood species. Cherry, oak, walnut and mahogany wood are considered to be more expensive. Consider veneer wood caskets if you love a classic cherry or mahogany hardwood casket. Veneer wood caskets are made to resemble hardwood but at an inexpensive price. If on a tight budget and have a ceremony, opt for an affordable poplar casket that is still a beautiful hardwood and available in many different finishes.


Haven Casket offers a wide selection of high-quality cremation caskets and cremation urns. Our outlet displays more than 15 wood caskets of quality and design that will suit your personal preference. In-store promotions are changing every month to allow a unique selection to choose from our depot. Vast inexpensive and affordable cremation caskets at our outlet located in Toronto, Ontario. Free deliveries are available for the Greater Toronto Area. We do provide local ground shipping and express shipping across Canada. Please call to inquire shipping for Canada wide shipping.


Toronto cremation casketsMany families opt to have their loved ones cremated to eliminate the cost. A traditional funeral can cost on average more than $3000.00 in Canada. Buying a casket from funeral home will cost you at least $1500. If you opt for visitation and cremation, our direct outlet provides you a beautiful looking cremation caskets for less. Our prices starting at $420 and made from wood not cardboard.


Under the Funeral Board of Ontario’s Funeral Rule, funeral directors who offer direct cremations may not tell that you are allowed to buy an unfinished wood box or an alternative container for a direct cremation. At Haven Casket we make unfinished wood box or cremation caskets available for direct cremations. All our caskets are offered to you at a price that is 75% less then at your local funeral home. High quality, affordable and uniquely finished cremation caskets for a memorable ceremony or direct cremation.


A cremation urn can be purchased after the cremated remains are obtained from the funeral home. Our urn outlet store guarantees you the lowest price on funeral merchandise. You get the wholesale price on cremation caskets and urns made directly from our factory depot. Cremation urns are made of many different types of materials. Available in metal, wood, marble and biodegradable materials. Visit our urns outlet and save 75% on your funeral necessities.