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Funeral Urns for Direct Cremation or Burial Purposes

With so many different options out there choosing funeral urns can often be a very difficult decision. Although selecting an urn is a very important part of the cremation process, it should be noted that you don’t have to rush into the decision.  Funeral homes can provide you with a temporary container to hold the ashes of your loved one until you make a decision on the urn.  Always take the time to learn about what is available so you can make the best choice for you.

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How To Choose a Funeral Urn?

The first decision you need to makfuneral urns mu117e is whether you are purchasing an urn for burial purposes, or for display.  Haven Casket offers a wide range of burial funeral urns or regular cremation urns.  The difference between the two is that burial urns are specifically designed to be buried and cremation urns are made to be displayed.  Burial urns are typically made of weather resistant materials and are built to last for a very long time even when exposed to the elements.  Your cremation funeral urn is going to be more decorative than a burial urn, and often isn’t able to be buried without using an urn vault to encase it.


Also available are smaller keepsake urns.  These are useful if you are planning on displaying the urn in multiple locations, or dividing the ashes among various members of the family.


Choosing a Funeral Urn

Funeral Urns can be made from a variety of different materials, so it is important to choose one that you are happy with.


Metal urns are probably the most popular type of urn we offer due to their lower cost and the durable nature of the material.  Our metal urns are made of varying types of metal including bronze, steel, copper etc.  Some of the urns at Haven Casket are actually a mix of several different types of metal, providing for an artistic effect.


Our marble urns are also another very popular option for similar reasons to the metal urns.  Marble urns are very strong and durable, and they look great.  The tradeoff is that they are slightly more expensive than other types of urns.


Lastly, our wooden urns collection provides urns that have a refined appearance, but are also highly affordable.  They come in variety of shapes, and styles so you can be sure to find one that catches your eye.  We currently offer wooden urns made of cherry, mahogany, oak, or birch, all coming with different staining options as well.


To learn more about the material funeral urns can be made from, visit Google and search for What are Urns made of?


Style of the urn

An important consideration is the style of the urn.  Haven Casket offers numerous decorative options.  If you are going to be displaying the urn in your home, you need to make sure you choose one that you find visually appealing.


Light Green Marble Urn MAU105 - Funeral Urns

Size of the urn is also something that has to be decided upon.  Whether you choose a small urn or a big urn comes down to where you are going to display it.  Make sure to decide where the urn is going to go before you make a selection or else you may end up with an urn that doesn’t quite fit in the area how you would like.



Choose Haven Casket

For a variety of reasons, cremation is becoming an increasingly popular option when it comes to funerals.  That’s why Haven Casket offers a wide variety of funeral urns with a mix of many different styles and materials.  Check out our selection now and you can be sure to find a great urn at a great price that meets your needs.