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We offer engraving service on your selected marble cremation urn. Engrave directly on the surface of your selected urn to make it truly personally.

Stone urns are loved for their classical nature, and have been used since the beginning of humanity to bury the remains of the deceased.  Stone urns are a great option as they are as strong as they are beautiful.  The extreme durability and ability to withstand the elements makes this type of urn perfect for those who are planning on burying the urn.  The natural strength of stone means that this type of urn can last for hundreds, or even thousands of years.


The beauty of refined stone means that stone urns are also a great choice for those families who would like to display the urn, either indoors, or as an outdoor memorial.  Coming in varying colours, shapes, and sizes, there are a great number of options of stone urn styles.  There is also a lot of flexibility when it comes to type of stone used, all providing different benefits and looks.  Choosing the perfect urn for your situation can be difficult, so Haven Casket has compiled the following list to help you make your decision.

What Are The Different Types of Funeral Stone Urns?

Funeral Marble Urns

Funeral marble urns are the number one type of urn when it comes to stone urns.  The sheer beauty and strength of polished marble makes it easy to see why they are so popular.  Not only is marble extremely beautiful, it is also very strong as it is formed over thousands of years from limestone through the process of metamorphosis.  This mix of strength and beauty has made it one of the most used materials for a diverse range of projects including buildings, furniture, art sculptures, and yes, even urns.


Sandstone Urns

Sandstone is an interesting rock formed by sand and minerals that have been compacted together through extreme pressure over time.  Because it is easy to sculpt, sandstone is a good material when it comes to crafting artistic looking urns.  The tradeoff is that it is not as resistant to the elements, and offers less durability than other types of stone.


Alabaster Urns

Alabaster is a material that has a very long history of use in the art world.  For generations people have been crafting vases, sculptures, and urns out of alabaster.


Onyx Urns

Onyx is a beautiful type of stone that comes in a mix of different colours.  It is best known for its tendency to have alternating light and dark streaks of colour throughout its composition.  Due to the traditional belief that onyx can cure grief, it may be a good option when it comes to the material for an urn.


Granite Urns

Granite has been used for centuries as a material for statues and monuments.  The reason is its strength and durability.  This also makes it a great material when it comes to outdoor and stone burial urns.


Choosing a stone urn


Haven Casket almost always recommends marble urns for our clients interested in stone urns.  The truth is that marble offers a mix of quality, strength, and beauty that is just hard to beat.  Check out our selection of marble urns today and we’ll guarantee you’ll find one that meets all your requirements.