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How To Order A Casket?

To see how to order your selected wood casket, please refer to our CASKETS ON SALE page and read over our detailed guideline on How to order a casket.

Funeral Wood Caskets Memorial TurbeFeatured Funeral Wood Caskets Comes with Memorial Tube

Our funeral wood caskets now comes with memorial tube feature. To truly personalize a wood casket, a memorial tube is a small glass tube that screws into the casket. Originally used to identify the deceased placed in the casket. This feature was once only available for the metal caskets. All funeral wood caskets comes with lock mechanism for caskets to be securely closed for burial. Fully Insured Product Warranty at $2,000,000 liability insurance protect your rights and our quality. We feature Price Match Guarantee to ensure you are given the lowest price guarantee on your selected casket.

Whether you are in the pre-planning stages or making arrangements for a recently deceased loved one, we understand how tough it can be to find an affordable casket that provides the quality you deserve.  Funeral costs can quickly add up, and after someone passes away the last thing you want to be stressing about is finances.  Funeral wood caskets are one of the best options for those looking for a strong and durable casket that won’t empty your wallet. A wood casket can also be used for a direct cremation.

What are Funeral Wood Caskets?

Wood has always been one of the most traditional materials used when it comes to burials, and Haven Casket only uses the finest quality of wood for our caskets.  Because funeral wood caskets are one of the most popular burial options, we are able to offer a variety of different styles to suit your needs.


Wood caskets are made of ash, cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, poplar, veneer, and walnut.  All of these come in different styles as well with a variety of colours.  Because of the mix of stains used, our caskets vary from light, to a rich dark brown or black, along with everything else in between.


funeral wood caskets mahogany casket

The type of wood that you select will play a determining factor on the cost, but our wide selection means we have a style to fit any price range.  If money is a significant factor, veneer is one of the best we offer in inexpensive caskets, giving you a quality wooden casket that is long lasting but still within your means.  On the other end of the spectrum mahogany is one of the most popular woods used in making our premium caskets. Whatever you desire, Haven Casket has the right mix of quality and affordability to provide for any budget.


There are many benefits of purchasing a wood casket.  Many people prefer them simply because they are commonly available and are less expensive when compared to bronze and copper caskets.  They also are a very attractive option that allows for customization if you would like.  Many people opt for ornaments to be added to their casket, or have carvings made into the wood on the side.  Funeral wood caskets are a very durable option, that you have the option of cremation.  However, for those that are environmentally conscious, one of the many benefits is that they are also biodegradable.


Whichever material you end up choosing for your casket, the most important thing is that you are satisfied.  Haven Casket offers a vast selection of high quality caskets made of real hardwoods available to you at wholesale prices.  Buying through funeral homes could cost you thousands of extra dollars which would be better spent on honoring your loved one in other ways.


If you are keen on the classic appearance of wood caskets, we encourage you to browse through our selection of online caskets today to find one that you are happy with that also falls within your budget.  Not only does Haven Casket offer free delivery on all of our wooden caskets, we also promise 100% customer satisfaction or you will be given a full refund or exchange.

Our Funeral Wood Caskets in the Community


Haven Casket provides the largest casket showroom in Toronto. We display more than 20 burial caskets in our front outlet. When choosing a funeral casket, the importance is to see the actual funeral wood caskets and metal caskets. Every casket has a different style and a picture cannot always draw the details out. When you visit our showroom, our professional staff will be able to explain the difference of each casket.


Our caskets are not solely just for burial. Some of our funeral wood caskets were used in television shows and movies. We do not restrict our merchandise for only funeral purposes. Do you need a wood casket or metal casket for your establishment purpose? Feel free to contact us and we can provide you a list of options.