Finest Craftsmanship and Quality for Every Legacy

Haven Casket offers a wide selection of caskets, urns, flowers, memorial jewelry, and other high quality products to help families commemorate and celebrate the lives of loved ones. This includes items such as beautifully crafted hardwood cherry urns.


Cherry urns are an ideal choice to commemorate the person who loved the traditional and rich style that this type of wood conveys. Alternatively, due to its striking red colour, cherry may be the ideal choice for the loved one who had a flair for the dramatic. The urn can be further customized to reflect your loved one’s personality and interests.


This sturdy yet elegant wood has become one of the most prized hardwoods in North America. It can be polished to achieve a sophisticated shine, and yet is a strong enough to resist damage.


Until they have to go through the difficult process of planning a funeral, many people do not realize just how many different types of burial and display urns are available.  Our team can help you narrow the numerous choices to find the options that are best for your circumstances and to best commemorate your loved one.


After manufacturing a wide variety of urns and caskets for over a decade throughout the world, Haven Caskets now has a store in Markham, Ontario, allowing us to deliver our products to families throughout Canada.


If you are still feeling overwhelmed trying to decide between a casket or an urn, or the types of wood you prefer, you can see the selections available by visiting our store on Ontario. You can visit us in person or give our offices a call to learn more about the exceptional and affordable products that we create.