Finest Craftsmanship and Quality for Every Legacy

Veneer wood caskets have become a very popular choice for memorial services. Veneer wood caskets is available in many different types of wood, including oak, ash, mahogany, cherry, and many others, and is installed over wood to create a durable and well-designed product for your loved one.  This allows you to have the appearance of the wood of your choice without the expense of solid hardwood.


Additionally, veneer is a great choice if you are looking to be more environmentally conscious since more of the wood becomes usable in the manufacturing process.


Haven Casket offers state-of-the-art veneer wood caskets to families throughout Canada, offering free deliveries anywhere in Toronto, Ontario. All of our veneer wood caskets include features such as swing or stationary handles, our exclusive lock mechanism, and you can also choose a casket with a memorial tube. This small tube is incorporated into the casket design and allows you to insert a photo, a note, or another small keepsake you would like to include.


By ordering your veneer wood casket from Haven Casket, you are essentially ordering direct from the manufacturer, avoiding markup added by funeral homes and other third parties, potentially allowing you to reduce your funeral service expenses by thousands. Funeral homes must allow you to use our products, if that is your preference.


Haven Casket has been providing high quality products at affordable prices to customers for more than 10 years. Now, we have opened a casket store in Ontario. Visit this store to view our numerous display caskets, urns, and other items. If you are unable to visit in person, you can always call to have your questions answered or to place your order with a member of our team.