Finest Craftsmanship and Quality for Every Legacy

When celebrating the life of a loved one that has passed, you should not have to be burdened with a stressful funeral planning process. Funeral homes can take care of all of the purchasing and services – providing you with an itemized list – but it is not unusual for your invoice to include a casket or other items that can cost thousands of dollars.


Mahogany can be referred to a variety of species of dark-coloured wood. Widely cited as the “king of woods” it is very fine grained and can be polished to a luxurious sheen. It is no wonder that this wood has been a preferred material of makers of high-end furniture and cabinet makers.


We have beautiful mahogany caskets with elegant, polished finishes, swing handles, and an exclusive lock mechanism to secure closure of the casket for burial. Mahogany is a richly coloured, beautiful wood that is ideal for a more traditional or sophisticated look, so there is good reason that this material has remained so popular over the years.


Haven Casket makes it possible for families to provide their loved ones with beautiful hardwood mahogany caskets, or one of many other excellent casket choices, without creating a mountain of debt. If you visit our Markham location, you can see 20 different caskets on display, as well as our entire cremation urn collection. Unlike funeral homes, they only provide you with corner piece for the less expensive choice of caskets.


Whatever your needs may be, we will help you find an affordable option and have it shipped free throughout Canada. You are not required to use the products sold through the facility hosting your loved one’s funeral.


Funeral homes must accept the caskets delivered by Haven Casket. If you have any questions during this difficult time, please contact us to receive more information. Our professional staff will approach each circumstance with knowledge and compassion.