What Unique Features Can I Get With a Batesville Casket?

04 May What Unique Features Can I Get With a Batesville Casket?

When purchasing a Batesville Casket, you can be sure that you are getting an excellent product.  Using the finest materials and expertise stemming from years of experience, Batesville Caskets produces some of the best caskets on the market.  Although you may think that all caskets are created equal, the truth is that when it comes to wood and metal caskets, quality of materials, and craftsmanship play a significant role in the end result.  Every of these caskets is a work of art.

What Are The Different Unique Personalizations?

These caskets also have many unique personalization features that allow them to stand out from the rest.

Batesville CasketsMemorySafe Drawer

Every Batesville Casket comes with a sliding drawer built directly into the casket.  During the viewing, many choose to have this drawer open displaying various important mementos from their loved one’s life.  Many also choose to add private farewell messages to be buried with the deceased.  After the ceremony the drawer securely fastens shut, ensuring your mementos and messages will be with them forever.

MemoryShelf Feature

This small shelf is positioned in the corner of the casket, and is a great place to display pictures and meaningful keepsakes.  Some ideas include pictures that highlight the great achievements and moments of your loved one’s life, medals, flowers, cards, etc.  This is a simple way to showcase what your loved one stood for by selecting items and pictures that reflect their interests and personality.

Memorial Record System

This record system is unique to Batesville Caskets and provides a place to store information about the deceased or private farewell messages.  These records will be placed into a sealed tube that can then be installed into the base of the casket.

LifeStories Medallions

The LifeStories Casket collection offers an opportunity to display a set of three medallions in the lid of the casket.  These Medallions can help to capture the personality of the deceased.  This is perfect for those who have their own medals to display such as veterans that served in the military.  Also, Batesville has their own series of medals that you may select from, choosing those that you believe highlight the spirit of your loved one.  The medals in the Batesville LifeStories collection are also available for family members who would like them as keepsakes.

LifeSymbols Designs

LifeSymbols designs are ornaments that can be added to the corners of the caskets to honor the deceased.  They are offered in a wide variety of themes and styles that allow you to personalize the casket.  Many choose to add designs that represent things like loyalty or spirituality.  Also available are designs to highlight your loved ones interests such as the outdoors, sports, family, relationships, etc.  These are a great way to represent what your family member believed in even after they are gone.

LifeView Panel

The last unique feature of Batesville Caskets is the LifeView Panel.  Similar to the LifeStories Medallions, the LifeView caskets provide a spot on the lid of the casket to display three pictures from your loved one’s life. This is a great way pay tribute to them, creating a beautiful and meaningful experience during the viewing.

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